The app set to revolutionize the nightlife industry

What is NightLyfe?

Nightlyfe Applications Co. seeks to revolutionize the nightlife industry and secure a majority market share in the $28.6B nightlife industry through developing the first IOS/Android app that supplies a do-it-all platform for patrons, venue employees and venue owners/managers, providing a solution for the many troubles each of these groups may encounter in a given night. The app, which would provide three separate interfaces based upon the type of participant (patron, venue employee or venue owner/manager) would offer connectivity, convenience, and innovation to all users.

Solving Issues for nightlife participants at every level

Interfaces Of the Nightlyfe App


An interface that offers social connectivity through social media features, local meetups with groups/wingmen, local dating platform, party hosting platform AND complete in app purchasing platform at all participating bars/nightclubs with the system integrated. This is the customer platform.

Employee/Venue Staff

An interface that allows bouncers, bartenders and DJs to communicate with all patrons at the location and accept payments through QR codes/Verification codes and to accept/decline drink order and song requests. This is the administrative platform .

Venue Owners/Managers

An interface that allows venue owners/managers to integrate the system into their venue and accept in-app payments (all methods, even cryptocurrencies), manage staff, manage inventory and have access to a targeted audience for marketing purposes (with the ability to manage their own platform with all social media accounts linked for easy access and sharing. This is the business platform.

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